First Private School Leonardo da Vinci Ltd

Leonardo da Vinci First Private School is a well-recognized educational institution in the district of Ruse, Bulgaria. At our kindergarten, primary and secondary schools we provide educational services to students from the age of 2,5 to 19. The school is situated in the center of town. Our students are of various cultural and ethnic background and we cater not only for their educational development but also for their wellbeing, safe environment and personal growth in their preferred fields. We teach students all compulsory subjects according to the curricula and we also focus on teaching entrepreneurial skills, languages, Information technologies, human rights soft skills, applying cross-curricula approach and project-based teaching and learning. We are experienced in project work as we have worked on several national, regional and European projects. For years, the School has been organising Summer Academy Daily programmes during the summer holidays, where the children 6-10 years have the opportunity to apply their skills, talents and knowledge of Maths, Science, Bulgarian, English and other languages while working on a wide range of topics (Pets, Healthy Eating, The Danube, The Earth, Friends, etc.). Since 2011, the School has been a member of the For a Better School Climate International Network. Leonardo da Vinci School can share its good experience and practice with its partners in the region by working with both parents and the community in town. NUMBER OF MEMBERS/STAFF – 33 teachers + 5 non-pedagogic staf NUMBER OF STUDENTS - 140 students in 12 classes /6 – 8 students in a class/; Since its establishment in 2005, Leonardo da Vinchi School has educated 350 young people. In addition to that, over 1,450 children from more than 10 countries have attended the Summer Academy at the School. Our website is:

Our Website is: