International Meetings

1st Transnational Meeting (Silves, Portugal)

October 2-5, 2018
Meeting Objectives
- getting to know each other, presentations of partner institutions;
- presentations of project objectives, activities and expected outcomes, partner responsibilities;
- task timetable (tasks, responsible partners and deadlines);
- discussions and agreement on the project dissemination strategy, project quality assurance strategy, project risk management;
- agreement on the monitoring and evaluation plan;
- discussions on most efficient tools to reach local communities and ensure enough feedback from the social entrepreneurs and stakeholders;
- meeting with local stakeholders and targets to promote the project and involve them in its implementation.

2nd Transnational Meeting (Tirgu Mures, Romania)

May 5-8, 2019
Meeting Objectives
- Reporting
* Partner reports on the results achieved so far
* Discussions of problems faced and solutions found and what do we need to improve?
- Intellectual Output 2 Discussion
* Data base for Mentors and Mentees
* Mentor and Mentees Portfolios
* Schedule for Mentoring
- Workshop for Intellectual Output 3
* Methods and Activities for Training Program
* Practical issues concerning Training Program
* Partners share the competency based activities they have brought
- Meeting the local stakeholders and targets
- Intellectual Output 4 - Interactive Platform
* Data base of Mentors and Mentees on line
* Issues & problems to be solved
- Monitoring and evaluation activities, as well as project promotion activities
- Finance & Reporting
- Quality Assurance - Internal Evaluation
- Project Planning

3rd Transnational Meeting (Castello de la Plana, Spain)

September 24-25, 2019
- Reporting
* Partner reports on the results achieved so far
* Discussions of problems faced and solutions found
* What do we need to improve?
- Intellectual Output 2 – All Partners discussion
* Data base for Mentors and Mentees on Platform
* On-line and paper-based Portfolios
* Schedule for Mentoring program
* Mentor E-Portfolio and Mentee E-Portfolio
- Intellectual Output 3 - Teacher Training Programme
* TRAINING COURSE (Lessons plans presentation)
- Intellectual Output 4 - STEAM Training Programme
* Training programme and Trainer Platform
* Pilot sessions : how to use of the platform by teachers
* Training modules to the national specificities and translation to local languages
- Intellectual Output O5 - Piloting and assessment report and
* Recommendations
* Issues & problems to be solved to start the piloting
* Task timetable for the next six months
- E-STEAM TP quality assurance
- Dissemination plan
- Presentation of the UJI Equality Framework Programme to E-STEAM partners by the vice chancellor of linguistic promotion and equality, Pilar Safont and E-STEAM Dissemination. (Open to E-STEAM mentors, mentees, support board and project collaborators)
- Presentation of Robotme projects encouraging girls in STEM areas
- Reporting –Time Sheets Feedback overview
- Financial Evaluation feedback and advice