Dimitrie Cantemir University

“Dimitrie Cantemir”University (DCU) was founded with feeling and conviction that Romania and its people, can and deserve to live up to the level of life and civilization of the most well developed countries in the world. Romania is bestowed by God with wealth and beauty to a greater extent than many other countries with high standard of living, and its people, born Christian, are intelligent, inventive, hospitable and tolerant. All these qualities are valued only to a limited extent, and this adversely affects the foreign relations of Romania. By spreading the culture, the science and art, and by specialising students in various fields of activity, the purpose of this university is to help people expand their level of culture and acknowledge their national values. We wish this university to gather the spiritual and material contribution of the Romanians from around the globe, in order to promotetheir national values worldwide. To the same extent,with the help of the other ethnic groups in Romania, we want to present the Romanian culture, the partnerships and mutual respect that we have with their country of origin. The university is concerned and acts in this regard, to promote long-term partnerships with different organizations, educational institutions,Romanian and foreign foundations, for learning experiences relating to curricular contents, to pedagogical systems of theoretical and practical education, information and experience exchange between students and teachers. DCU from Tîrgu Mureș, will do everything that can be done, and through perseverance, honesty and the belief that in this way it faithfully served Romania, will become a center which brings together the spirituality and culturality of the area in which it operates. “Dimitrie Cantemir” University of Tîrgu Mureș, the only Romanian university which has been institutionally assessed on the quality of education by the German Accreditation Agency in Health and Social Sciences (AHPGS – Agentur im Bereich Gesundheit und Soziales), is giving you the opportunity to take a big step towards your future, by choosing to follow one of the programmes offered by the 4 Faculties: Law, Economics, Psychology or Tourism Geography.