Silves Schools Group (AES)

The Silves Schools Group (AES) was created on July 3rd, 2012 with 13 schools being part of it (currently 12): four Kindergartens, six 1st Cycle Schools, two 2nd and 3rd cycles Schools and one Secondary School – ESS (Head school). The Silves Secondary School, as an educational institution, celebrates its centennial in 2019, and the building has undergone a deep remodeling recently. The Schools that form the AES are located in the municipality of Silves, in the south of Portugal, which is the second largest in the province of Algarve .The constant growth of tourism in this region, has brought not only an internal migration to the Algarve, and to Silves itself , but also the issue multiculturalism. The average number of students in the School Group in the recent years hasn’t changed much (2550 students), although we’ve noticed a small increase in the last two years. The entire group of schools consists of close to 300 teachers and 124 assistants. The Secondary School of Silves is known in the region as one of the Schools with great quality in the training of students in the Scientific-Humanistic Regular Courses (10th-12th grade), in the various Professional Courses (10th-12th grade) and Education and Training Courses (CEF-9th grade) that it provides. ESS also has a QUALIFICA center that provides the training of adults and certification on their professional skills acquired throughout life. The public school network from pre-school to the 9th year of schooling of the remaining schools, allows the students of the county and other municipalities to begin their basic education with high level. These Schools, along with Secondary School , try to promote the closeness to the region and community and are thus involved in several internal and external educational projects which includes the local community participation. The Silves School Group also has a long experience in national and international projects. As a group, up to the 2018/2019 school year, a total of 16 ERASMUS projects of different types have been completed or are under development. Bearing in mind that the main concern of the Silves School Group is to provide students with good and effective learning skills, every project is seen as a “road to success”.